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6TS40-3310-Two shaft three gear

Type: 6TS40-3310

Name: Two shaft three gear

For: FAW trucks

Auxiliary trunk main shaft reduction gear 19726
The gear pump 14571231C
Oil Seal assembly - Drive cylindrical gear shaft front bearing 2502055-A0E/B
Gear pump JHCB - 8100 - A 02.004.0006
A shaft gear 12JS200T-1701116-1
Master-slave bevel gear (5.73) QT295S82-2402170
Third speed gear - intermediate shaft 1701212FA0L
Fourth speed gear - middle shaft 1701213FA0L
Reduction gear 1701217GA0L
Two axes and one gear 12JS160T-1701111
Two shaft and two gear 12JS160T-1701112
A shaft gear 12JS160T-1701116
Gear across the mat 16463
Bearing housing-driving bevel gear 2402049-A0E
First gear. - Second shaft 1701326FA0L
Flange - Driving bevel gear 2402066-A0E
Cap - cylindrical gear housing 2502131-A0E
Four gears. - Second shaft 1701386-BSX903
Driving bevel gear 2402036HA4C/A
Driven bevel gear 2402037HA4C/A
Driving bevel gear 2502036HA4C/A
Driven bevel gear 2502037HA4C/A
Odometer drive gear LF3-3802033
Two shafts and three gears 6TS40-3310-二轴三挡齿轮
Reverse middle shaft gear 12JS200T-1701083
Middle shaft three gear 12JSDX240TA-1701050
Intermediate shaft four gear 12JSDX240TA-1701051
Intermediate shaft drive gear 12JSDX240TA-1701056
Drive cylindrical gear 2402107-01A1
Driven cylindrical gear 2402108-01B1
Reverse intermediate gear 12JS160T-1701083
Two shaft three gear 12JS160T-1701113
Two shaft and four gear 12JS160T-1701114
Two shaft five gear (with 12JS200T) 12JS160T-1701115
Two shaft reverse gear gasket 12JS160T-1701125
Two shaft two gear (64 teeth) 12JS200T-1701112
Two axes and one gear 12JSDX220T-1701111B
Two shaft and two gear 12JSDX220T-1701112B
Odometer drive gear 12JSDX240T-1707163-3
Two shaft three gear 12JSDX240TA-1701113
Two shaft and four gear 12JSDX240TA-1701114
Two axle overdrive gear 12JSDX240TA-1701115
A shaft gear 12JSDX240TA-1701116
Driving cylindrical gear 2502107-A6E/C
Gear oil pump 707019-0007
Odometer passive gear bushing 7992
Odometer passive gear LF31-3802034
Oil cover (axle) - driving bevel gear bearing seat 2402048-A0E
Nut - Driving bevel gear flange 2402071D1H/B
Driving bevel gear flange assembly 2402065-A1A/B
Adjusting ring - drive cylindrical gear shaft front bearing 2502056-A0E
(axle) flange - driving cylindrical gear shaft 2502066-A0E
The gear pump JHCB-8100-A
Driving bevel gear oil seal assembly 2302055-820-C00/A
6 t53 odometer driven gear oil seal | 1701440-11 2586000476
Retainer - Second and third gear 1701341FA0L
Bushing-driving cylindrical gear 2502109-A0E/A
Half shaft gear 2403051-A01
Nut - Driving bevel gear flange 2402069-A0E/CL01
Planetary gear 2403056-A01
Washer -- half shaft gear 2403053D1H
Driving bevel gear oil seal assembly 2402055-55R-C00/A
(axle) nuts - Driving bevel gear flange 2402069-A0E/E
Bushing - drive bevel gear bearing 2402088-A0E/A
Dust shield - Driving bevel gear oil seal 2402067-A0E/A
(axle) Type 0 ring - driving bevel gear flange 2402077-A6A/B

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