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Filter series


Filter series model EXW(RMB)
Connect the hose to the outlet of the secondary air filter 1109356-367 31.13
Filter element assembly - steering tank 3408040A8E 19.36
Filter element with joint assembly 3408015-716/D 14.86
Feed line assembly - fuel tank to fuel filter 1104120-DR807M 49.5
Feed line assembly - fuel filter to engine 1104130-DR807M 52.8
Fuel Oil Coarse Filter Assembly (sample drawing) 1105010-7B9 465.7
Electric fuel filter separation pump 1105090-2007/A 341.94
Feed Line Assembly - Fuel tank to Fuel rough Filter (sample drawing) 1104120-77CJ/A 58.2
Fuel oil coarse filter element 1105050-DP170 82.81
Fuel filter assembly 1117010AX21 18.70 
Fuel coarse filter 5321240 93.85
Two stage filter element assembly 1109060A435-C00/B 71.5
Feed line assembly - fuel tank to fuel rough filter 1104120-Y1849/A 79.48
Feed line assembly - Fuel coarse filter to engine oil inlet 1104130-Y1849/A 76.68
Rotary oil filter assembly 1012010-420-219Q 80.85
Secondary filter element assembly (sample drawing) 1109060-50V 51.7
Rotary diesel Filter Assy (Filter element X0710) 1117010-001-0000A 57.89
Fuel filter assembly 1105010-40P/A 740.3
Fuel filter assembly 1105010-Y1275/A 797.5
Second stage Air Cleaner Assembly (sample drawing) 1109510-56AJ/A 269.5
The oil filter JX0810 17.6
filter 04.998.000005 41.8
Fuel filter 4903218 21.51
Oil filter 150-1012240 36.04
Main filter element assembly 1109070-50A/C 99
Air filter regulator assembly A-4740-8 28.6

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