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Founded in 2014
Covering 8400 square meters
58 R&D personnel
200 persons in total
Changchun Folante Auto Parts Co., LTD

Changchun flanant Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a professional auto parts company specializing in FAW Jiefang headquarters, Qingdao truck and bus spare parts and technical consulting and service. FAW Jiefang headquarters and Qingdao J5, J6, J7 and new Dawei, Humvee, Tianwei, Longwei, Tuwei, Huwei and other series of whole vehicle spare parts; Car spare parts include Pentium, Xiali, Senya, Volkswagen, Audi, etc. we are the contracted spare parts supplier designated by FAW Group Import and Export Co., Ltd. and provide all-round services for customers at home and abroad.

地址:长春市汽车开发区高力汽贸城B4-109室 版权所有 长春佛兰特汽车零部件有限公司